Need To Sell Your Gold Jewelry? Follow These Tips To Get The Most Money

If you are in a position where you need to sell your gold jewelry for cash, you may be wondering how you can get the most money from this transaction. After all, you have one shot at selling your jewelry and you want to make sure that it is being sold for the highest value possible. Here are some tips for getting the cash that your gold is worth.

Look Up The Current Price Of Gold

It always helps to start by looking up the current price of gold before you consider selling anything. This will help give you an accurate idea of how much your gold will be worth if sold as scrap metal. 

Shop Around With Different Gold Buyers

The one thing that you should always do when selling your gold jewelry is to shop around. Sometimes the dollar value for gold jewelry can be quite subjective and vary between gold buyers. It is always worth visiting multiple gold buyers on the same day so that you are comparing apples to apples, since the price of gold can go up or down every day.

Consider Selling Individual Items

One mistake that people make it selling their gold jewelry based on the weight rather than what the jewelry is actually worth. While many gold buyers will take the jewelry and scrap it for the value of the gold, there is more value in selling individual pieces of jewelry for what they are worth. If you thought the jewelry was valuable when you purchased it, then it is possible that someone else will feel the same way when buying it for wearing as jewelry.

Negotiate If You're Able To

If you do have gold jewelry that you feel is valuable, don't be afraid to negotiate on the price. If the gold buyer is planning to sell the items as gold scrap, then there is probably not much wiggle room on the price that they offer. However, if the jewelry is being resold as jewelry, then you could negotiate based on what the item is worth.

Consider Getting High Value Items Appraised

One negotiating tip is to know what your gold jewelry is worth. If you have some pieces that are particularly valuable, have them appraised so that you know the true value. You may be surprised at how the appraisal can help you negotiate a better price when selling it as a jewelry item. For more information, contact a company like Rocky Mountain Coin.

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