Why Investment Newsletters Can Make You A Better Investor

While you may want the majority of your investment to be in index funds so you can focus on growing your wealth in the long term, you may also want to buy exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and individual stocks as well. However, you'll want to receive some guidance when investing by relying on growth stock investing newsletters. 

How Investment Newsletters Work

By paying a monthly fee for a service, you will be given access to stock picks. Some newsletters are designed more for investors who want to choose safe investments and steadily grow their wealth while other newsletters are aimed more at risk-takers. 

Investment newsletters are helpful because there may be many investment opportunities that you are not even aware of. For example, you may choose to invest in overseas companies that have a great potential for growth but which you have limited knowledge of. 

What to Expect From an Investment Newsletter

In addition to informing you about the companies you may choose to invest in, an investment newsletter will also often cover other topics that may be relevant such as geopolitical issues or the growth of alternative energy sectors. They can be an interesting read and can also help you act as a more informed investor. 

How to Choose One Investment Newsletter Over Another

Some newsletters have a better track record than others of choosing investments that perform well. Some newsletters may also factor major events, such as COVID-19, into their analysis before anyone else. 

Some investment newsletters are focused on more difficult forms of investing such as "technical investing." If you want to eventually move into this form of investing, you can find it to be very profitable. However, you will need to become familiar with technical analysis and charting.

The Price of the Newsletter

If you are a new investor who is first starting out and haven't grown your wealth yet, the price of the newsletter might affect whether or not you will subscribe. Some newsletters are surprisingly affordable and you may purchase one of the lower-priced newsletters before considering subscribing to a different one.

How much you invest in your newsletters may be influenced by how much time you can spend reading them and whether you feel like you're getting anything out of a particular subscription. You can cancel at any time and you will eventually get a sense of which newsletters are right for you. For more information, contact a company like Lions Share Investing.

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